Has anyone tried this rear sprocket?

Hey Ya'll I know I am cheap and I was looking through RockymountainMC.com at their sprockets for the XR650R and I ran across what they call the "Primary Drive Rear Sprocket" which is probably another companies sprocket made to OEM specs BUT it is only 14.99! I am wondering about reactions b/c it hardened steel instead of SS steel. Also I still have the stock chain w/ out noticeable wear so I figured I could save and buy one of the expensive good SS steel sprockets when it comes to a new chain also! (I know SS steel is best bet but want to wait until I buy chain at same time) The only reason I was looking was for a cheap size change!

Will I be doing more harm than good with this type?

Will it cause increase chain wear? (I am still using stock sprockets now anyway)

I could go through three of these for the price of one SS sprocket? But there is a point where going cheap could cost more in the long run like speeding up chain wear.

OR would it be better for me to go with the moderatly priced Aluminum sprocket? (I thought a softer sprocket may not wear the chain. I could almost go through two aluminum sprockets for the cost of one SS)

Thanks for ya'lls help


Ive used Primary Drive sprockets before...for 15 bucks there VERY hard to beat. They will outlast aluminum many times over, although i dont know about stainless steel. The only drawback to them is they are HEAVY, probably more than twice as heavy as a comaparable aluminum sproket although youll probably never notice the weight.

I just got my primary drive front and rear sprockets. They look like good quality sprockets and I ask this same question a couple of weeks ago on 4 different forums. Everybody that replied had nothing but good things to say about them.

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