2005 YZ250 Suspension Help

First i would like to thank everybody on this site for all the extremely helpful information!

I recently bought a 2005 YZ250 with very low hours, clean stock bike. I plan on riding woods style riding and little motocross - i would consider myself a competitive C rider (170lbs)

First ride i noticed the front forks were very harsh and bouncy, deflecting off everything, front end felt very light as well. I tried different compression settings and rebound and nothing helped.

I have read that the 05 forks are the main problem on these bikes and everything else is golden.

What i have read that could cure this:

- 22 mm offset clamps or lowering forks in stock clamps.

- Buying 06+ SSS Forks

- Having a re-valve done - spoke with a guy at factory connection today and he said he could make them better but they would never be as good as the SSS forks.

- I also have a GPR V4 Damper i would like to install but it seems that i have to buy specific upper clamps to use the damper ( which are not offset)

All in all it seems like a lot of work and money just to make the bike feel safe and more smoother. Im not looking for a factory suspension or anything like that. Just something that i can hang onto in the woods. I currently have stock KTM suspension and a RM125 (both stock) and they ride sooooo much better. I do love the power of the yz250 though (:

Any insight? Any help is great appreciated!



All those other options would just be trying to act as a band-aid for the incorrect suspension setup.

My 05 was horrific on sharp hits as well. I think if I ran over a golf ball at 20 mph it wanted to deflect 10 feet to one side or the other. Did a lot of work to them, most the issue was in the midvalve setup for me (forks weren't stock valved when I got the bike though).

Mtb-sam,you may have better luck if you post in the suspension section.Lot's of knowledge here and there (suspension section).I have an 05 and finally got it to my liking and am pleased with it.It's not the SSS for sure but it's not bad.No matter what shape a bike may be in, it's almost an 8 year old bike.It could be something simple.Good luck to ya.

I had some similar issues with my 06. I had great help off the suspension section. If you think you need a revalve it's not as difficult as it sounds (lol) Also do a search about 05 shimstacks

Good luck :thumbsup:

Personnally I run 04 forks in 05 clamps.

They are a straight swap, cheap and once revalved are awesome offroad forks.

A little soft for moto but not too bad.

I read where Factory conection had the Open Chamber forks of the WR's/ earlier YZ's dialed for off road.

for off road I would also choose the 04 forks and use sub tanks

Revalve would be your best and cheapest option in my opinion. I had my bike revalved for woods intermediate, and I kicked myself for not getting it done sooner. Do some research and you can probably find a good local shop to do it for not too much money. I think I paid about 300 to get mine all done (including rear shock revalve).

Look's like you got more help here than you did in the suspension section. :thumbsup:

Some guys have had some luck with revalving. I never liked my 05 forks, never completely got rid of that harshness.

Now the 06+ forks are worlds better imo and I have had both. Seen some 06 forks in the classifieds for less than a revalve recently.

The 05 forks unfairly receive a bad rap, but in reality a good tuner can work wonders with them.

My revalved 05 forks work excellent and are better than stock SSS imo. They aren't quite as plush as the OC forks, but are still pretty good. They don't deflect at all and it's amazing how well they hold a line through the rocks compared to the stock forks. I took my steering stabilizer off to put on one of my other bikes and didn't even notice a difference without it.

Thanks for all the input. It has greatly helped with some of my decisions. For the weekend warrior i am it sounds like having my 05 forks revalved will be plenty enough. Planning on going with Factory Connection for the suspension work - should i just do revalve or go ahead and replace more parts inside ( pistons, etc...) Does anybody any input with working with Factory Connection on these forks?

One more question i have is: Triple Clamps? i understand there are a lot of aftermarket "offset" clamps for this bike, has anybody tried these? I have also heard that moving down the forks in the current clamps helps. Should i stick with my stock clamps or find some offsets?

I also will be mounting a GPR V4 Stabilizer and will need to make sure everything fits with that. Which it seems like a lot of brands dont accept this stabilizer for their top clamp?

Once again thanks for all the help everybody!


factory did my 05 forks . they do a awsome job . i love em . and i run mine 5mm in the clamps and love it . have no problems with head shake

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