Fmf powercore 4 vs QA

In calif we have to be at 96dba in state parks is the QA better then the powercore 4 with quiet insert? Any feedback on either one would be great

I have a Q4 on mine 426 I had a White Bros E on it before the White bro's was LOUD and with the disk system it would turn the rear fender yellow and melt the fender from exhaust comes out the side of the disks.

So I put on a Q4 much much quiter I like it but I did notice I lost topend with the Q4, I also am using a FMF power bomb header pipe.

Fitting the Q4 was a pain the clamp that hold the can on was not fun to mount New I never had the can off after but I think it would be easyer to reinstall the band and everything should stretched out by then.

I can say the White bros was much better mounting system very easy to mount.

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