Quiet YZF???

I have GOT to find a way to quiet down the 426 without killing the midrange! Has anybody had any luck getting one of these bikes thru an ISDE soundcheck with a good portion of the powerband intact?? I'm currently running a WB E-series with the 'quiet core' baffle, and it pretty much runs like a Suzuki. Grrrr!

I have that relatively new FMF Q series silencer on my '01.

I've never been through a sound check, I did plan on borrowing a decible meter to see how loud it was but never got around to it. Point being I don't know if it will pass an ISDE check or not.

But my bike does not run like a Suzuki, of that I am certain.

Pipe stole a small amount of bottom but it revs very well. And it is much quieter than the stock can, and only a little louder than my buddy's 520 EXC.

I'd like mine toned down somewhat also. It would be better to not reduce the power but I'll give some up for more riding access. I've been looking at the two pipes made by Arrow, one is the MX pipe like they run in Europe, the other which I'd really like more info on is the Paris Dakar pipe for the stock headpipe. The web picture looks like it might have a baffle and maybe a spark arrester. Listed price is $339. Anyone got experience or more info?


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