Riding from rampart to woodland park and back?

Has any one done this? I am planning a ride with a buddy and we were looking for some advice, we will be staying the night and gasing up in woodland park. Probally starting out at Rampart Range Road. What trails how many miles one way, We have ridding all over there at different times but never connected them we would like to stay mainly on single trac. Thanks thought you guys might be able to help.

Have never done it but would love to see your report and tracks you take when you get back. Sounds like a kewl trip!!!!

I have ridden both extensively and all I can tell you is to bring plenty of gas. You are looking at a 100 plus mile loop. I have never tried it but I believe you need a dual sport to do it legally. :D I have almost run out of gas doing the big loop at woodland park. :)

Unless there are some trails I don't know about, you're gonna need a plate to get there legally. PlusI can't really think of any motels on the North end of WP. You'll end up getting to Rainbow Falls fairly easily, then I'm not too sure what trails get you any closer to Woodland. If you don't already have one, get a Rampart Range map, it shows all the trails and is pretty useful really. If you're on a WR you should be fine on gas one-way. If you're used to riding the Rampart Area, you'll love it as you get further south (toward WP), less people, less ATV's just better in general. Worst case, RAmpart Range road does go all the way into WP; it's pretty easy to just follow the signs if you get a little off course...

When are you planning on going-it's probably got decent snow already...

Yes we have plates Im riding a XR650r and my buddy on a KTM450 not dual sports but illegally street legal "just the plate" so ridding into town is no problem but we dont want to ride roads all the way we are probally going in the spring

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