Riding near Pensacola?

Visiting family this weekend. Driving from Houston to Pensacola. Is there anywhere to ride (MX, trails, etc.)?

I'm from about 6-7 hours south of there so I'm not familiar with the area, but check on a place called Reddick (sp?) and Marion county. I've never been to either track and I'm not positive where they are, but I seem to recall that they're up north and possibly near pensicola. Hope this helps. smile.gif

There is a nice track in Milton, about 20 miles East of Pensacola on Hwy 87, it is 1/4 mile south of Interstate 10, take the little road behind the motel there. They are open from 9-5 on the weekend.

This forum is great for ideas and direction! I have family in Pensacola and we go out there at least one weekend a month...gotta keep peace in the family.

Anyway, my son and I went to that track in Milton, West Fl. Motocross Park, and really had a good time. They have 4 different tracks, providing something for every skill level. At $12/person, $17/family you can't go wrong by spending the day out there. They even have a shower.

My 8 year old got to racing some twin brothers for his first racing experience. He loved it and can't be any prouder of his first "battle scar", tire marks on his forks! I know now that we won't be sitting around "visiting" all weekend anymore!!!

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