426 15/49 gearing question

I ride mostly street on my dual sport converted '00 YZ426. Stock gearing right now at 14/49, was thinking of going to 15/49 to relieve the engine of some RPMs at higher speeds. Will this be an ok choice? Will my stock 114 link chain fit? I've got plenty of room, it looks like, to adjust the chain.

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should fit thats what I run on a 250 2t

Upon closer inspection, looks like its actually a 48 in the rear. Says C49, but the part number has a 48 at the end, I think its a JT. I counted 48, three times. Nobody has a 15t in stock locally, so I just went with a 43 rear. Almost just as easy to just change the rear. Also it turns out the chain is 112 not 114 links. The 43 fits great with the chain I have, and rode it around town today for a while, first gear requires a little more clutch, but definitely not annoying IMHO. Running about 5k RPMs in 5th gear at about 40mph. Much better, was hitting almost 6500 if I remember correctly on the other rear sprocket. 65mph was almost 8k, now it's around 6500. Think I might pick up a 51T for when I hit the trail, never get past third gear anyway.

Really love this forum, such great advice, so many people that are very helpful to noobs like myself. Thanks everyone!

A gearing calculator is really useful for figuring out sprocket combinations. I use this excel spreadsheet. You need a specification or manual to enter the specific ratios for your bike, and the wheel and tyre size must be correct. Then it depends how hard you want to rev it.


That's really cool! Thanks!

I just changed my 02' to a 15/40. Stock I believe is a 14/49. It is WAY better on the street now. I have a mountain road right behind my house that I checked the combination on. Now it can afford the speed I like without revving like crazy. I have usable cruising speed around 60-65, says my vapor computer. And I checked, It still wheelies!

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