Loc - tite on rear axel bolt?

Dirt Bike magazine said not to put loc tite on axles, however, there is not a castle nut and cotter pin on the dub-r and my axle nut has loosened after a few rides. Did I just not torque the nut tight enough? Are you using loc tite?

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Torque it to 60 pounds and it should not come loose.

I torque mine to 90 ft/lbs, and have not had a problem. ~Hit-man~


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!


No problem with my WR axle bolt coming loose, but I have experienced loose Sprocket bolts, that I check every ride and have now lock tited...


Mine was getting loose all the time almost after each ride. I just had to replace the axle and nut so I haven't had a chance to find out if it is still happening.

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