1/4 throttle blues

Does any one have problem with 03 wr 450 at 1/4 throttle? Mine runs very rough. tried moving clip up and down. Each way makes it worse. Changed pilot jet each way. Each way is worse. Also I never recieved anything about a recall from my dealer. Does it only affect sertain serial no.s or is my dealer letting me down. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a problem with mine surging at 1/4 throttle. I got a YZ450 needle for my carb and it fixed it right up.


I know that on the 426, that area of the throttle was controlled by the pilot circuit....is this different on the 450's?


If you havent tried the James Dean needle kit that is what I would suggest, overall this made the most improvement in low end response on my bike.

Pman- Mine was the same, grey wire mod fixed it.

I tried the YZ needle because it is a richer needle than the WR. Mine surged a lot at about 1/4-1/3 throttle. I took it up to the mountains (about 7000 ft) and the problem went away. I then knew I had to richen up. Worked for me and it was only about $10 and 15 minutes to install.


JD kit is worth every Penny for a WR! Best needles around.

thanks everyone. Will try needle and cut grey wire. If

That doesnt work will get JD kit.


I have the same problem with the WR450 is there a dead spot when you crack the thottle quickly also

no dead spot just doesnt run smooth at about 1/4 throttle

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