Easy Tire Changer

Check out this link. They have a really cool simple tire changing tool. There's a video showing how to use it. I don't know what it cost to ship to the US. Maybe not too bad, or maybe you could find a machine shop to make it. The EU price is $175 dolloars including shipping & tax.

http://kauritmoto.com/ (click the English tab)

I didn't know how to pull & post a picture of it...

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That looks amazing....very fast and easy,,,,too bad there's no english version of the video.

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It is very cool. The company is in Estonia. They do need an English translation of the video.

Good find Glenn!!

I'm hoping to find somebody to make one nearby. It sure looks like a good tool that some of the bike racks & gadget makers might want to offer.

It works well... I have one. Love it...

It works well... I have one. Love it...

Where did you get it, and how much was it?

I got mine through a group buy on another site... $120. Lucky with that price.... A couple other guys got them at whatever the current exchange/conversion is/was, around $170. Quality piece and works as advertised. I would have happily paid "full" price.

Good find Glenn! Perhaps we need to get a group buy going here on ThumperTalk!!! Brian?


I'm in for a group buy!

good find and I want one

I want one too, but don't want to spend $200 for it.

Wonder how we do a group buy? These things would sell like hotcakes in the US at $100 each.

They really need to get a US distributor.

Wow!!! I don't need an english version to tell me that tool is sweet!!! I can tell cuss words in any language and I did not hear any from that guy!! Looks almost too easy. Good find!

I'm in!

I'm in!

If there's a group buy.... I'm in as well!

Comment on another site was that it looked like a pretty soft tire in the video? Wounder how it would do with a maxxis IT?

I would be in for a group buy

I am also skeptical and would like to hear from someone who has used this device on a moderate/hard tire. If we can get some positive feedback, I'm 'all in' on a group purchase.

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