Clutch boss wear, anyone seen this?

Last night I pulled the clutch plates off to inspect for wear and also to see if I had the skills to do the '01 clutch conversion (adding the anti-judder spring and plate). When I got all the plates out I noticed on the clutch boss that the springs had worn grooves into the posts that they're mounted on. Has anyone see this before? Is it a problem (other than the particles generated). Out of curiosity I pulled the oil filter out and it didn't have any shavings or particles on it. What I'm really worried about is my reassembly causing the same kind of wear but in a different spot on the post creating new particles. Any advice would be appreciated.

I think this is wear, I haven't had my 426 apart but these grooves were in my YZ250, caused it to jump when I was sitting still, in gear, and revving. I filed mine down smooth and it fixed the problem...

I see the same grooves on mine ('00), so I assume it's normal.

While you have it apart, check to see if the lockwasher under the large nut at the center is in "normal" shape . If it's mangled (the prongs that go back into the hub are flattened or broken off) - that is not normal and indicates the hub is falling apart (rocking and wobbling) and mashing the washer.

A few '00's have had this probelm, but I'm not sure how common it is.


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