please read

Reading my new Blueribbon magazine I read they have joined with other sportsman group supporters to hire a full time lobbyist in Washington DC. Thats right everyone we now have full time representation in the capitol. Now more than ever we need to band together and support the groups who are supporting us. Whether you belong or contribute you are being represented. I know all of us can afford the 30 dollars or so a year to join these groups. Again I ask those of you who keep putting this off and the new people who may not know of these groups to please join and contribute. Those in California also have state representation by lobbyists sponsored by Corva&Clorv. For those in other areas join your local OHV representation group too. Send them some extra money too. I included the pres and vice-pres emails.

Thanks, Ride On, Gene

PS Don';t reply to me just send this on and encourage everyone to participate.

Blue Ribbon We've united to defend access for motorized recreation nationwide.

"We are recreationists of all types, working together to preserve our precious natural heritage." We campaign to replace "user conflict" with "user cooperation". All recreationists must learn to share trails and facilities. All must learn acceptance and good manners."Preserving our natural resources for the public instead of from the public" "Dedicated to protecting our lands for the people, not from the people" Here politically active off roaders in California will find information on legislation, legislators, or candidates that affect the future of off road motorized recreation in California.

Send a letter to the President.

President George W. Bush:

Vice President Richard Cheney:

Please Sir, enough is enough!!!

Keep our land open and accessible.

Fair and equal access for all.

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