XR600 electrical problem

Please help!!! I have 99 xr600 that has developed an electrical problem. The bike will start and run, then die at random, sometimes it won't start for a while and sometimes it fires right up. It doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold. It seems like an electrical short of some kind. The bike is in new condition, still has the origional tires on it(Does alot of sitting). Has anyone had any of the same problems or any suggestions? Could old gas cause this? Any help is appreciated.

I would start off by checking all the connections for corrosion. Especially look at the ground.

I usually try to do the easy stuff first. If it's been sitting awhile how about some fresh fuel (drain old gas from float bowl too) and a fresh spark plug?

I would check to see if you have spark. I've herd people having problems with the kill switch. If a wire gets pinched it will short the ignition to ground. You can unplug the kill switch and see if that helps. Look for loose wires of even loose or wet plug wire.

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