new to dirt bikes just got a 98 yz400f, few ?

This bike is pretty fun to ride and has alot of power for me since i have never rode anything on dirt besides a 80, I have owned several crotch rockets,but like any guy i wanna get a lil more out of it. I was thinking of changing the gearing and wanted to know whats the best set up without adding a longer chain, i just ride trails. I also want to do the eddie mod i have read alot about. My friend said just putting a new back tire and going up in the back will make it feel like a new bike. Just looking for a lil more tq and more throttle response. I also found a used set of excel wheels for 175 and was thinking of getting them if adding a lighter wheel will help it like on a car. The bike already has a aftermarket air filter, fmf power core slip on, and i put a iridium plug. Thanks guys.

your bike comes stock with alum wheels, you will not notice any diff. with the excell's.. most people change them for looks..

gearing is a must for trail riding, switch to a 51 or 52 in the rear and you will be happy

the only other performance mod that doesnt cost more than that bike is worth is cams, plus you get the added benefit of not neededing the stupid decomp lever. That being said, most people will tell you to get professional suspension work if you want to go faster as your bike has no shortage of power

fwiw, I have a 98 with an exhaust, a 450 exhaust cam and 13-52 sprockets and a stock 08 450 with 12-48 gearing..

the 08 makes more power and is significantly lighter, but the 400 feels just as fast to me, at least in a straight line.. I have never needed more power out of it

so if I were you I would spend ~$150 to get a rear sprocket and an exhaust cam, and then ride a lot.. being new to dirt bikes the more seat time you have the faster you will be.. by the time you "need" more power you may find yourself wanting a lighter bike that handles better

btw, where are you in TX? if you are near austin, you can try mine sometime to see how they feel

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