I have a weird noise that I only notice after I come back from a ride and wash the bike,when I start it back up I hear a faint metalic sound on the clutch side and if I put my finger or hand on the clutch cover it goes away.I can touch anything else and it stays but touch the cover and its gone.Is it possible that after washing the cover is cooled off but the clutch is still hot and it causes the clutch to rub the cover?I don't remember hearing it when I start it from cold.This is on a 01 yz426.

Damping the resonance in the cover with your finger stopping the noise suggests your theory may be correct. Differential expansion or contraction can certainly affect clearances. Does the noise go away once it has warmed up again properly?

i have never had her going long enough after to know,once its washed I just start it up and drive it to the shed.Next time I will see if it does.

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