How much should i pay for this 1987 yz 125? check pic

SOme kid i know is selling this bike. He said that it does not have spark and not alot of compression. Im guessing its the stator and most likely needs new top end gaskets. I would be able to put all of this in but dont know how much the parts would be. I dont know how much i should pay the bikes in decent shape, i already have a 1986 yz 80 and wanted to add another bike to my collection. So let me know what you think and where i could get parts from also how much i should pay.


At the minium, you will need:

Crank seals

Top end

Gasket kit

Fork and shock rebuild

Chain and sprockets

So, if you pay more than $200, you are losing money.

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at best, in pristine shape that bike will bring you $800 or so

It will cost the buyer money to sell couldn't give that bike away!

First of all there is no way in heck that thing is an '87. I had an '86 yz125 that the buyer tried to pass of as an 89 but I stopped him right there when I saw rear drum brakes. The right side drive gives it away. It could be an 82-85 I think. '85 was the first year for disk brakes but that doesn't mean the forks weren't swapped from a newer bike. Looks like a solid 100 dollars in my book. The seller is blatantly lying about the year of the bike I would not trust a single word out of his mouth. If he was dumb enough to believe he had an '87 he probably didn't spend anytime wrenching on the thing. There are just so many huge differences between the '85 and earlier yz125s when comparing them to 86 or newer.

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What you have there is most likely a 1985 YZ 125 and with the problems he says it has, I would believe there are many more, with that in mind I would say $150 tops

You can order parts from most of the big name places for that bike, I like to order from Motosport, They have fast shipping and have most things in stock>> http://www.motosport...MAHA/1985/YZ125

After looking at the prices for OEM on that year bike I would go aftermarket on everything :shocked:

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Take it if its free and you want a lake jumping bike lol. JK it might actually be really fun to have but don't spend more than $150 and only if you can wrench on it yourself

Im going to check the bike out today, ive tried to buy something from this kid before and he is not very good with price also he most likely tried to fix the bike himself and messed something up. SO ill see whats all going on with it and the compression and chain sprocket and stuff like that.

Deduct a few hundred off his price for painting that plastic haha. It'll strip easy with DOT4 brake fluid atleast. Just don't let him point that out as a selling point. If he fights about the year just let him believe whatever it is in his mind. But yeah I wouldn't pay more than 150 without spark and low compression. I'd like to be right around a hundred with that bike. It'll be pretty easy to drop 500 dollars in parts just to get it running. I would prefer to find a 750 dollar bike that actually ran. I sold my '86 yz125 for 600 and that was in good running condition and looked pretty decent. It took me three weeks to get this price. I wasn't in a rush to sell so I just waited for the right buyer. Turned down numerous 450-400 dollars offers. Along with scaring the crap out of some low ballers offering 2-300.

The white plastic will look so much better then the "murdered out monster energy" scheme it's got going on now. At least the frame isn't painted green...

This is what mine looked like before it was sold. I did end up replacing the seat cover. But this was a nice bike with lots of new parts on it when I bought it from the PO.


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1985. I would pay $3-500 for it. I dont believe it was ridden that hard. You can stil read yamaha on the seat and it looks original. That wears off when ridden alot. Everything appears original except for the bars and stupid black paint. Vintage guys would go crazy for that bike.

No way 300-500 for a non running bike. If it was running maybe 500 dollars as the thing sits and even that is too much imho. It's not vintage by any means. It's just old and used. "vintage" for most is '82 at the absolute latest. Vintage is my mind is 4" of suspension travel and '74 or older. Post vintage is generally the '75 and later and is often sorted into different categories. Such as evolution which is long travel suspension with no linkage and drum brakes all around. It might fall into a "revolution class" which usually includes water cooled bikes like this with disc brakes and long travel suspension. The popular bikes at a local yearly swap meet are the late70's and early 80's bikes. Especially the 250 class.

So it's definitely not used in common vintage racing classes but it'll still be a fun rider if you get it for a decent price and get it running again. My yz was a lot of fun on the tight trails once I got used to it. It had plenty of power for what I was doing with it.

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Take a chill pill dude. Its just my opinion and yes there are classes at local vintage races and rrgular harescrambles and even gncc this bike would race in, other than modern classes. All bike slcost money and for under $300 i bet thar bike could run. Its not like its a delorean. Its a 2 stroke and a common one for its time. Parts galore and cheap.

I sold a 1991 kx125 for $200. It had a hole in the cylinder and worn through cylinder. the clutch was &%$#@!ed up too

1985 for sure...... and I would say $100-150 is all I would pay if it is all there and the bottom end is good.

Okay so i checked it out and it is for sure a 1985 i looked it up and everything. It does have compression, so im guessing it is the coil which he put an after market NGK on so i hope it is that or it could be the stater which i hope it isn't Could it possible be the CDI. Also i can check if it is the coil because my 1986 yz 80 has the same exact coil on it so im talking to him right now not looking to pay more than maybe $150 he said around 200 so. Also he said he checked the carb and other things but that scares me because he may have just made another issue with the carb!

It is infact an 85 cause heres mine!


Offer the kid 50% of scrap value, and if you don't spend to much trying to make it run, you might make money by parting it out.

Gotta love old post

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