Pressure release valves in shocks

Never heard of them. Perhaps it's just a normal revalve, and that is the terminology he used to describe it.


Could be small valves in the fork top nuts to release build up of air pressure. My son's YZ85 had them. The idea is to release excess pressure to prevent seals blowing. To be fair we only found them useful after the bike had been tied down on a trailer for a while. You just depress them until the hissing stops.

You might be right 72degrees! I forgot about those valves.


Just bought an '07 wr450 & noticed that it had a tendency to deflect the front tire to one side or the other over larger rocks rather than absorbing the hit & going in a straight line.Releasing the pressure in the forks using the bleed screws on top of each fork helped ALOT-it now goes right over with no troubles!

Cool, thanks. I am going to shoot the seller a message to ask him as well. Just wondering what he will say...

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