Plug holes before wash

I have a 2012 YZ450. The manual states to plug the small hole on the right and the bottom on the engine and also plug the air intake holes. What do you guys use to plug those little holes on the engine before washing the bike?


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golf tee

golf tee

good idea. thanks

shiat...havent been doing that. what's in there? Grey.....

It's a drain passage for the area around the spark plug to keep the area from becoming rusted. I've also heard that if water was to become trapped there that it could get hot enough to cause the spark plug boot to pop off, due to the steam pressure.

And so, if it gets wet, it drains. Not an enormous concern, really. Far more real damage can be done by spraying high pressure water into the chain (especially with a sealed chain) and around the top steering head bearing. Too much water around the air filter element can also cause trouble, because the filter won't keep it out of the intake. Another place to avoid getting wet is the interior of the muffler. Water will degrade the packing if it's there while the engine runs, and will rust the core if it stays there. Water can also run through the exhaust port.

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