TTR-125L for sale- check it out

My wife was kind enough to let me get my '01 YZ426. So I though I would be nice and get her abike too. Well three days after getting her a TTR-125L we found out she is pregnant. Today I found out we are having twins. Well I guess the TTR has got to go. $3100 with tax and all at the dealership two months ago. She has riden it three times. Will take $2400 obo. In Brownsville, TX

I've been wanting one for my wife (and pit bike). Is it still for sale?

Oh yes, still up for sale.

Hey guys, my brother has a completely stock one for sale as well. 2000 TTR-125L that has very low hours on it. It was his play bike when he wasn't riding his 426, which was when he wasn't laid up with a bad knee. In short, he never rode the thing and is now selling it so he can get knee surgery. If anyone is interested, 2000.00. I can get you pic's. Email me at smile.gif

Did I mention the HJC helmet and Fox gloves with the New Scott goggoles come with it?

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