baja designs key work with tusk enduro light kit?

First, it does not look plug & play, but very close. Second, you can make almost any of this stuff work as long as you can splice!

Do you want to use this as an ignition kill switch to turn your bike off, same as hitting the red OEM off button? If so, it should be really easy. I believe the Tusk kit has an individual kill switch (on/off) that is not a part of the horn/signal/hi-low switch, start by removing that. If you never installed that and are using the OEM kill switch, then remove that instead.

The BD key switch looks like it uses two male bullet connectors, while the on/off switch on the Tusk kit looks like it has one male bullet connector and one female bullet connector. All you need to do is cut off the female bullet connector (leave a few inches of wire) from the Tusk on/off switch and cut off one of the connectors in the BD kit, then splice the female bullet connector to one of the wires on the BD key switch (doesn't matter which one).

If you're replacing the OEM switch, just cut off the OEM connector (leave a few inches of wire) and cut off both connectors on the BD key switch, then splice the OEM connector to the BD switch. Make sure the splice is well insulated or the bike won't run if they touch, same as hitting the kill switch.

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