2012 WR 450 Plastics

Hey all,

Wanted to change up my plastics for a color change! And also my rear side panels are damaged and I would like to replace them with something in a black. Was wondering if anyone knew if the YZ250F plastics will fit the WR? Also, anywere I can order OEM stickers for the WR?? Thanks in advance!

Don't know about the plastic. By definition OEM (original equipment manufacturer) means a genuine Yamaha part -- see your dealer.

Front fender is the same, rear fender is different, side panels are different, radiator shrouds are the same. You can get all black Acerbis shrouds and front fender, but I don't see a black rear fender or side panels. Perhaps going all black in the front and all white in the rear would look good (you can get a white rear fender)? If you really want to go all blacked out, you might check out these moto-punk graphics (the black set): http://www.amrracing...t-2012-326.html

Factory Effex also has a kit, but I'd call them first since their example isn't of a WR: http://factoryeffex....13_p_2216.html#

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Sweet man thanks for the info. I ordered the side panels last night for the YZ250, oh well! haha

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