2000 WR400 Question ?????


Hey guys just a quick question from deepest darkest africa....This week-end I went for a ride on Sunday (Clear day, 28 degrees C, 5800 ft ASL) and when I got back noticed that oil was dripping from main breather pipe :D

Any ideas as to why this would happen ? I was thinking maybe the heat and me riding with the throttle pegged WO may have been a contributing factor :D

Thanks in advance guys. :D

My 2000 WR400 drips after every ride and seems to be in good mechanical condition. I've seen this complaint from many owners and it seems to be normal.

If you ride at high speed or overfill the oil it will drip out the breather.

Don't worry about it, it's okay.

Mine does the same thing

:D Thanks for the answers guys....I was just worried that what I was looking at was every drop being equal to one more dollar towards a new gearbox or worse :)

It is a relief to know that it is not just me :D

Thanks again


These yz/wr's have a dry sump. When the engine is pushed really high in the RPM's for extend periods, the oil actually is being pumped too fast, and is bypassing the oil filter.

That oil then can't be pumped out of the bottom of the cases, and back into the frame fast enough, so it find's it's way up to the crank-case breather.

It's common on many other four-strokes as well. Just keep a clean filter in it. Check the oil level when you stop to take a wizz. Then don't worry about it.


Guys I feel alot better now....One thing I did also notice was that oil seemed to have come out the breather pipe while riding as well because there was oil on my left boot, down the side of the frame and over the gear lever.. :D

Would this also be as a result of the way I was riding on the day ?

Check the hose routing.

The stock hose should run below the motor footpeg frame and everything. It may be too short and dripping on your boot.

I've seen other guys who re-route this hose to just above the c/s sprocket so it lubes the chain instead of the ground!

Again, high speed running will push quite a bit of oil out of the pipe. It also will come out like crazy if the oil is overfilled which is a common occurance.

:D for that Rich....I checked my hose and it is a bit short...stopping just as the frame starts it bend going towards the footpeg so it is sort of in-line with the gear lever....guess I will either have to re-route it or replace it :)


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