test ride question?

I test rode a 05 wr450 the other day. Between myself and the owner, we forgot to close the choke after it got warmed up. I noticed that fist gear felt, best way to describe it, as hesitant. I would almost bog a little till I got into 2nd, 3rd, etc...

Would that happen with the choke open while riding?

I also rode a 07 the same day and made sure the choke was closed. I did not notice it behaving like that at all. Very smooth, and from what I can tell, crisp and clean throttle response.

Thanks for any help.

Sure, choke engaged (actually, it ia fuel enricher) just causes a bike to run too rich. Being too rich is more noticeable in the lower gears 1st, 2nd) and not the upper ones (4th, 5th).

However, many, many bikes out there have never been jetted properly anyways. So other than a real mechanical issues, poor throttle response is unfortunately common.

He had it jetted with the JD jet kit.

I like the 05 for the price. He said he could do 3100, asking 3300.

I was just worried the the jetting was way off or something, that is why I asked about it. Sounds like the bike would run great if I had remembered to close the choke.

Why don't you just ride it again and turn the choke off after it warms up? My bike usually only needs the choke for about 10-20 seconds, and it would run very poorly after 1 or 2 minutes if I forgot to turn it off.

Exactly, go take a quick spin with the bike warmed up and choke off. Is this Yamaha a long way from home?

We have a long-standing joke about one of our riding buddies who ALWAYS starts a ride with his choke on. As soon as we see the helmet shake side to side we know he realizes what he's done. Again. Bonus points for rides he starts with the gas off!

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That's a tad high for an 05 around here. I would expect a dealer to list it for around 3100.

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