Drinking and Racing ?????????

I would like to get some feedback on your feelings about race fans and Moms and Dads of little kids drinking while at race events.

Last night at the races here in Texas an event unfolded that placed a black eye on the facility where I ride, and will probably shut us down because of it.

Our races start at 8:00pm and are over by 12:00am midnight, around 11:00pm a Police officer arrives to inform us that some nieghbors while trying to sleep with there windows open were being disturbed, so the ordenance is that if a disturbing the peace call comes in after 10:00pm On Saturday they have to inforce it.

Our facility is on 100 acres of land and has a commercial permit to operate this late, the closest house is 100 acres away.

So there was no big deal we said we would start races 2 hours earlier and shorten the inter mission and everything would be cool, was that the end of it....oh no parents started argueing with the Police officer.

The Police officer had no problems with us racing and even stated he would rather see these kids racing than being picked up on the street for bad behaviour.

The Cop was just doing his job and the people with alcohol in there system just could not comprehend this.

Everyone started leaving and the Police man gets ready to leave and it all went to hell from there.

Some Dumbass had busted his windsheild with a bottle, Man the sh#t hit the fan then.

Keep in mind that this was a Black Police officer at a event with a hundred or more White people, he was pissed and said he wanted to shut us down for good.

He quoted " This is the last Racist thing that will happen at this place"

I didn't see it as racist, but I can certainly understand how he must have felt.

I seen it as some Stupid Idiot that had been drinking could'nt understand because his judgment was impaired that the officer was just doing his job.

We dont know who did it, this is purely speculation on my part about it being a person that had been drinking, but I would bet my retirement on it that it was.

I realize all places are different and some places have better ways of controlling people and drinking, drugs..ect.

I have nothing agaist none of the above, but If you cant control it then you shouldnt have it at the races.

Please give me some feedback regarding your tracks and what measures are taken to prevent something like this from happening.

Later, Jason

This is the crap that puts our sport on the line. We wonder why the tracks are closing down at alarming rates, mainly due to development & county government B.S. This example of so called adult behavior with the help of some alcohol is absolutely a travesty to motorcycling as a whole. Now you will know the buracratic results of this act of sinceless violence. The people responsible I hope pay the ultimate price, but they won't. We, the riders will.......

Alcohol has no place at any sporting events in my opinion, especially where there are children.

That said, I'm wondering why the officer thought that it was a racist thing. Was it only because he was black and a majority of the people were white, or was there more to it than that? If it's only because most of the people there were white then I would say that you have a good chance with any decent lawyer to defeat the racist issue. Maybe someone in the crowd knows of a good lawyer who would do this without charge for the sake of the kids. However if people were yelling racist names, etc.. then it may be a bit tougher.

I wonder if the officer would change his tune if a normal level headed person were to go to speak with him and apologize for the incident and explain that 99% of the people there do not condone what the person with the bottle did and you are willing to help find and prosecute that person. If you can find the guilty party then throwing them under the bus may save the track (and they deserve it anyway). Perhaps a petition signed by as many people who frequent the track as possible stating their displeasure of the behavior of this individual and their willingness to help to find them would add some weight to your argument. However you would then be pressed for someone in the crowd to finger the guilty person. I wish you luck, please keep us updated.

That is truly a shame. I agree with the last person's reponse. However, to add a little, the race promoter should go down to the police department and formally apologize. Also, they should make amends by covering the cost of the windshield. Let them know that even though there was a couple of idiots at the race, the persons running the race are responsible and turn this situation into a positive. Granted it was the act of an idiot. However, the promoter is responsible for everyone at the event. As for the alcohol. I can't believe the majority of the parents only go there to drink. Put a notice up that if one more act of violence occurs, alcohol will be banned from the premises period.

One a final note, it isn't fair to say that this gives the sport a black eye. This is much more prevalent in other sporting events. This is the responsibility of individuals period. They could be nascar fans, football fans, baseball fans etc. Do your best not to let authorities or anybody else cast a black on motocross for the actions of an ignorant few.


Your synopsis that alcohol was involved is merely speculation on your part?? For that matter, it could have been some sober person who is simply a jerk.

From what you said, the jerk is obviously someone who did not hear what the officer had to say about the racing and he would rather have the kids there than doing other malicous things within the community. Sounds fair to me!!

The racist statement made by the officer has me worried. I would like to think there may have been more to the story than just the broken windshield. Maybe someone had said something that you did not hear. Maybe there was some dumb redneck in the group. Maybe there was some prior history between the officer and someone who was there that night.

I like frosty's idea...collect up and pay for the windshield as an act of good faith. If everybody that was there donated $2.00, that would pay for replacement of the windshield. Heck, if I was there I would pay for the whole thing in an attempt to thwart any effort to close the place down.



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Ya, you guys need to put things right with that officer...regardless of what was said or how it was taken. There are very few times in life I would recommend kissing some serious a$$, but this is one of them. You never know who's in those crowd, mostly parents & friends, perhaps some other jokers killing an evening with a cooler of Old Mil. The suggestions above were great. Go above and beyond here or you're right, they probably will shut it down. Sorry to hear this happened to your track.

Our local tracks prohibits the consumption of alcohol on the premises but chooses not to enforce it. Every race day I see adults drinking from fairly early in the day right up til the last moto. On practice days I see riders who actually drink beer between times on the track. Since the owner chooses to ignore the problem, I simply stay away from these people and only practice while they are tanking up. When they get out on the track, I pull in for water and a little bike maintenance. Luckily, the beer makes them lazy and they end up doing much more drinking than riding. Motorcycles + alcohol = death or injury.

As happens with most good things, one or two jerks ruin it for everybody else.


--Life is too short, work hard...play hard--

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YZERNIE, You are correct, It is purely speculation on my part to say it was someone drinking, and there could have been something that was said that I missed that could have contributed to the window breaking, but I was there through the entire ordeal.

I heard no racial comments, but in this area where we are, here in Southeast Texas there is alot of racial tension.

If you recall about 2 years ago it made headline news when 3 black hating rednecks in Jasper, Texas dragged to death a black man behind a beat up Ford truck, and we also have the famous Vidor, Texas which has always been all white population and has vowed to never let blacks live there and a little before my time there was a permenant sign that use to say Ni**ers dont let the sun go down on you here.(Very Sad)

So we allready have a bad name down here, and I think with good reason after what I stated above.

Like the saying goes, a few idiots ruin it, and give bad names to people and places.

We had a good turn out today at the track and I heard that the police officer has calmed down a bit. I talked to the Race promoter today and he thinks he may be able to smooth things over and if he can pinpoint the person responsible he will let me have a talk with him to soften his head a little. LOL

Later, Jason


Sounds like his head is already a bit soft!!! Just be careful not to crack it open like an egg grin.gif



--Life is too short, work hard...play hard--

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Hey Boit,

Have you talk to the promoter of the track about people drinking and riding bikes on a track with others that are out there to just enjoy theirselves and have fun? There is no way i would ride on a track with someone that has even had one beer, that puts your life in danger and everybody else including the little kids out there riding, i am not putting down drinking, i drink a little every weekend, but when i am SITTING at home, theres a time and a place, this is a sport that many love, dont let some drunk take our priviledges to ride away.......


'01 YZ426

I have never seen anyone drinking and riding, that I would not tolerate.

I am talking about the public view of parents of small children, and fans in general drinking that are not in the stands and in close proximity to the track.

We had people at the riders meeting with beers in there hands, keep in mind that this is a covered track with big lights like Arena cross.

I have nothing against people doing the drug of there choice, I am no Saint.....believe me !!!!!

But all I'm saying is there is a time and a place to do these things.

I wish we had a rule against drinking at our track, and as long as the people that wanted to would be discrete about it, like pouring it into another container, then that would be OK, because you would still have the rule there you could inforce if necassary for unruly people.

The track Owner and race promoter say's he is not going to police drinking and is even thinking about starting to sell beer at the track.......does this remind you of the Thick headed guy commercial ?

Later, Jason

Wildair: Yes, I approached the owner/promoter and told him in no uncertain terms that drinking and riding should be PROHIBITED! He just looked at me with a blank stare and shook his head. He also allows rampant pit riding/racing. You are right, I refuse to get out on the track if I know someone is drinking. Luckily, is only a very small number of young men in their 20's who are doing it but it still should NOT be going on. I think the owner is scared of them. He should be MORE concerned about someone getting hurt or killed as a result of this drinking. He's being set up for a major civil suit. This is clearly negligence on his part.

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