Instructional video for jumping?

Hey guys, I was out at a local track yesterday and watched this guy fly around almost effortlesly. All of his landings were smooth aand he would double everything. I have never doubled anything before i got into dirt bikes again with my 426. Nor have I had any track experience, I mostly rode trails and roads in my past. After talking with this guy, he was very helpfull with pointing out some obvious flows in my style or lack of. for one I was riding crouched down, even in the air, so my landings were always harder that need be. He suggested I get some good videoes and watch ther style, he also suggested I do some video of me so it can be analysed later. Any suggestions on specific videos or technique I would greatly appreciate it.

Sorry guys, my spelling was bad I forgot to check it before I sent it. You get the idea.

Gary Semics has a series of videos that cover all the techniques of M/X that are pretty helpful. In the end, nobody can really explain how to jump perfectly everytime. The thing is to start out small on something like a table top and work your way up from there. Practice first on getting a good launch everytime where you neither nose-dive or have the front wheel too high. This takes throttle control and body position. Using a table top jump is the safest jump for this practice. You don't have to worry about coming up short and you don't have to try and jump all that far. As you become more confident in having control of the bike at launch, then start trying to jump further until you finally land on the down slope. Take your time and don't worry about looking like a beginner. We ALL were beginners at one time.

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