What have you done to your Fo Fiddy's!

Heard a lot of good things about Chad Watts and his work. He was long time RC mechanic and has won many championships.. Happens to have a shop close to my home so I figure I'll give him a try. He's not the cheapest by any means but hey... He buids RACE bikes. I am around 195 lbs and can ride a little aggressively at times. The Stock WR suspension was WAY too soft for me. I do like to re-live my younger motocross days of doubles and table tops from time to time. I'm in the process of modifying my WR to be more... how should I say... a cross breed if you will. In my opinion a YZ 450 with a WR tranny and electric start is the ultimate machine! So thats where I'm headed. So far totally rebuilt the suspension, front and rear, changed the rear spring rate and preload settings, upgraded the base valve bolts in the forks as these are 90's technology on my '09 and re-valved/ pre-load spacers in the forks as well. Chad Watts has a top secret Carburetor mod thats for the FCR carbs so all he will tell me is the jet sizes and needle size. But aparently it does NOT involve any machining. Changed my gearing from a 13/50 to a 14/53 which are close ratios but changes spreads the transmission ratios out a bit more. The supposed effect will be the ability to ride 2nd and 3rd insted of 3rd and 4th. 13/50= 3.846 ratio and 14/53= 3.785. This will actually give me a tinge more top end but shouldn't take anything away from the bottom end as I gained some bottom end grunt from the carburetor mod. I am running a Lexx slip on with the stock header at this time. The Lexx does ok but I do plan on going with a full FMF system at some point. I have not yet had a chance to ride this beast and I'm absolutely dying to saddle her up!!! I work out of state on a rotational shift so she'll be sitting patiently when I arrive...

Let me know what yo guys think and what mods you all have done... Braaap Braaap

Next project... YZ 250 2 stroke woods bike!!

Okay you can't bring up a secret carb mod and not tell us what it is...!!!

and that lexx pipe is a really good one.. MXe? just upgrade your head pipe and you will be set.

Double secret carb mod, that doesn't require any machining ? Call me a sceptic!

$20 it involves an O ring, zip tie, or bailing wire...

Chad won't even tell me exactly what the mod consists of! All he will say is it has to do with the fuel squirting circuit and its not the O-ring that goes on the pump like JD Jetting has. Also it has a different OEM needle from a motorcycle other than Yamaha.

Yes it is the MXe silencer.. I love the sound and snap it gives the bike! I'm anxious to see what the gearing change will do though! I still haven't ridden it yet! :(

When I lived back East, I seriously thought about having him build me a YZ250f for Harescramles. He's an incredible mechanic!!!

Do you know what needle he put in?

fuel squirting circuit and its not the O-ring that goes on the pump like JD Jetting has. Also it has a different OEM needle from a motorcycle other than Yamaha.

fuel squirt = accel pump. yes?

snake oil?

I'll find out what jets n needle he has installed. I'm in Alaska right now so he'll give me all the specs when I pick it up next weekend. If I remember right main jet is a 168, pilot 42, leak 50. I'll verify.

I had installed the JD Jet Kit a while back when I uncorked the bike. That has since been removed and replaced with all OEM parts. He doesn't favor those kits too much.

I'm going to look into having him build a YZ250 in a 250F or WR chassis next.

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fuel squirt = accel pump. yes?

snake oil?


All jokes aside... I'm not certain but I'm assuming since I already had the fattest O-ring on the fuel pump actuator, no it's not that... Or at least not completely. I'll keep prodding and let u guys know the setup.

Engine wise I had my 07's head flow ported (big gains), HC piston, YZ intake- WR exhaust cam, Hinson clutch, and a complete Jardine exhaust system for a YZ450. I ran it with a YZ exhaust cam as well, but prefer the strong bottom end with a little top lost of the WR cam. The bottom is so strong on this bike that I can low idle with no hand on the throttle up slight inclines all day long without stalling. The motor runs strong to say the least.

I shaved every ounce of weight possible from the bike, save removing the electric start. In fact the other day I weighed both my RM250 and WR450 ready to ride with all guards, etc, and the WR was only 20lbs heavier! But, reality is the WR feels 50+ lbs heavier on the trail...

Suspension wise I revalved my bike using SPI's specs. I went one step up on fork springs and put a YZ Ti spring on the rear.

I used to race this bike in the Senior A class here in BC and it was a great bike as far as 4 strokes go. But then I decided to get a 2 stroke again and well, the WR just sits. I've kept it the last couple years, as its such a well built up bike and runs flawlessly, but I use it so little now, sadly I think it's time to sell it :(

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