mx riding videos?

The Semics videos are pretty good. I think the best way to learn jumping is to use a table top and start out by jumping short distances and then slowly progressing. This gives you an idea of the speed you would need to clear a typical double plus you learn how to control the attitude of the bike from the launch. With the 426, the biggest safety issue is the engine braking. When launching, you will need to be holding a steady speed or accelerating to keep the bike from doing a nose dive.

By the way, I was 43 when I got back into M/Xing after not racing for over 20 years. I was very intimidated by the most routine doubles at first. I found a guy at practice who was very smooth and I carefully watched his speed over a small double. Once I got up the nerve to do it, I hit it perfectly the first time and spent hours doing this one double. After that, I worked on a long table top until I could jump to the downslope. I'm certainly not going to claim that I'll jump everything now because I won't. I jump what I'm comfortable with and just concentrate on having fun and being safe.

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Boit has some excellent advice. Here's how I look at it. If you want to learn to swim, you can either rent the video or you can jump in the shallow end of the pool and practice lifting your feet up and trying to swim. Sure the video can explain how to swim, but are you really "learning to swim" by watching it?

As someone who is new to MX myself (long time offroad, several year break, then first try at MX with a new 426) here is what worked for me. Try a few jumps on a table top and even if you don't clear the whole thing it will be good practice for the takeoff. Then choose the smallest on the track of a double or tabletop with no turn immediately before or after it and watch a few people clear it. Then when you're comfortable, follow someone over. You can usually just cruise right up and as long as you have enough speed you can basically roll right over it and into the air. Once you have cleared a single jump then the whole jumping thing will start to snowball. And remember, it's almost always better to overshoot by a little bit than to come up a little bit short. Good luck!

thanks for that advice Boit , ill think i will start going to the tracks and hitting the tabletops little by little that does sound good thanks again.

thanks sirthumpalot, it makes me feel a little better that you and boit feel the same way that was great advice from both of you . do you guys do alot of track riding now? thanks guys

Hello thumper riders , I am 42 years old I have a 426 it is a monster compared to my 1984 yamaha 250 i started with.I was wondering if anyone new much about the mx videos that teach you better riding techinques. I would like to learn to jump doubles and learn to corner better do you think 42 years old is to old to learn to jump? do you think the learning videos are worth the money or do you think it is better to learn from other riders? i live in south cal i have gone to a few of the tracks out here such as sunset and comp park and glen helen , i can get around the tracks fairly well but mostly rolling over the jumps can anyone give me some pointers on the best thing to learn to jump and be a better rider , thanks

Something that I think helps alot is to concentrate on feeling comfortable in the air. Alot of people get to stiff or nervous once they leave the face of the jump. When you jump make sure and relax and breath. Move your bike underneath you a little (practise a litte cross-up, both ways). This will help you make 'air attitude' adjustments when you get more air time and will help correct a short jump. Good luck smile.gif

emcdan: I hadn't given that much thought but that's exactly what I did when I started jumping most obstacles. I needed to jump this one short double that had the face right at the end of a left turn. The bike is still turning left as I enter the face of the jump and by doing a little cross-up, I feel totally in control with having the rear wheel drifting to the right and letting the cross-up straighten the bike while still in the air. Feels really good.

Dan10. I ride strictly M/X. I would love to do some trail riding but my 426 isn't geared properly for that. I'd burn the clutch up in no time.

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[ thanks emcdan, that is one problem im facing is im just not comfortable yet , i treid a step up awhile back and that was kinda scarey, ill think if i use your guys advice little by little ill become more comfortable , i notice the more i ride , i find my self getting a little braver , thanks again guys

I cant even begin to tell you how many times I wrecked my brains out on the 426 when I was learning to ride/jump it (2 broken arms and a concussion later I am used to it)! It took me a good 4 months to feel comfortable. But now I am real relaxed when I ride and I do not wreck very often anymore.

I frequently watch FMX movies like Revelation 199 with Travis Pastrana...he just flows on the bike so naturally (you wouldnt think that after watching the Nationals this year many concussions did he get again? LOL) I now find myself whipping it more often because it feels natural. It also helps you gain trajectory and clear the jump easier too!

It is hard to explain how to jump by typing on a computer...I think the best way is to practice and ride behind someone that is just a tad faster than you! Try to push yourself to stay at their pace, this is what I always do to get better. I always jump in behind the local experts (or faster guys) and try to hang with them as long as I can (which is normally 2 laps or so) this pushes your mind and your body. Do this 1-2 times every time you ride and you will begin to stay with the faster guys easier and longer. This also works to watch their lines and see when they are standing and when they are weighting the outside peg. You also should have someone film you ride every once in awhile...I did this and I thought my leg was high enough but after watching myself in action my feet where dragging on the ground, and that is a quick way to snap your knee or ankle! Hope this helps and Good Luck,



I get my kicks on a 426!

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Thanks for those tips motoman, i havent tried any whips yet but sounds like that will really help me i think that riding with someone faster and following them and watching them is a great idea. Thanks . i checked out your website that is really cool , ill be happy with learning to do a meduim size double the jumps you do are way to big for me ......i have revelation 199 video it is cool , travis is smooooooooooooth

thanksa again for the tips...

Whip it! I have been jumping for about six months and have a 50' table top at home. My question it this, once you get it sideways in the air how do you get it back? Is it by torqueing the handle bars to the stops or using the throttle some how? I can change the pitch of the bike and side attitude but I can't get the rear tire around and back striaght before landing. Help.

Later- The Fireman

man it is hard to explain I just use my legs to move the tail end of the bike around in air! Turn the bars the same way you are whippin' it (if you whip the rear end to the right turn the handle bars to the right) These 426's are harder to get "unwhipped" once you get the out there than the lighter 125's and 250's but it is possible!


I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

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