Little Help On My Front End

After reading some post on suspension, I relize that I myself need a little help here. How can I get rid of my front end bottoming out when i'm landing? These jumps range from 4-5 ft. I am a pretty stocky guy 5'10 230 lbs. Do I need to change my front springs? or can my factory springs work?

New springs are probably a must do at your weight. In the meantime - full + on the compression setting and raise the fork oil height (some) refer to the manual for the max height. You don't want to blow your seals.

And to a MUCH lesser extent you can change the oil weight (heavier - 10wt.). This doesn't help with bottoming but adds a little to the compression equation.

I weigh 190 lbs, flat land from 10 or more feet often.

You'll definitly need stiffer springs at 230 lbs.

The compression adjuster will help somewhat but will affect small bump compliance too.

I'd sugest adding 15cc of oil to each leg as I did and then decide if or how much heavier spring rate to go to.

The race tech website has spring rate spec for weight, model and riding conditions and will help get you in the ball park.

Raise the fork oil level for bottoming , then adjust the clickers up or down for compliance and suspension control. :)

Adding to Mr Strick's and Mr Dubius' suggests, remember that you can help your forks by a correct set-up of your rear shock. In detail, you have to work around the rebound setting.

My weight is similar to yours. I do not do MX, but, I do go for small jumps along the trail. I went with a new rear spring - 5.8 eibach with plenty of sag, ie. 4.5 inches. This really helped my bike. I did not change the fork springs or revalve. Just changed the rear spring. Anyway, I am sure I could do better, but, this was a cheap way to go. It really helped alot on the whoops. I even bought the spring used for $35. Good luck with it.

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