Carb Identification YZ450F

I'm trying to discover all the modifications that have been made to my tuned 04 YZ450F supermoto and wonder if it has a non-standard possibly even oversize carb. The Keihin is stamped "5XDS 50ST24".

"My eyes are dim I cannot see..."

Just checked again properly with a torch and my reading specs on. It's actually 5XD5 50. A bit of googling seems to have that as the OEM carb for a 2005 USA spec YZ450FT. The Model Plate on the bike shows 5XD2 (2004 Euro spec.). So a different carb to what it started life with but apart from jetting (which probably isn't standard anyway and hasn't been checked yet because it's going so well) no obvious trick tuning in that department.

Couldn't resist starting it up and sitting on it with a grin like Mr Toad of Toad Hall despite the fact it won't be seeing any action this weekend. OK, Back to preparing the YZ250 and YZ125 for Sunday's fun. A pity my trailer will only carry two bikes.

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