WR 250 or 450?

Hello All

I am looking for a new bike to replace my Suzuki DRZ400S but I am really torn between the 250 or 450 WR 2004. I would love to hear your options! I am 6' 160lbs, all arms and legs. I mostly ride tight signal track and fast fire roads with the odd gravel road to connect the trails together here in Southern Ontario. Since I bought the DRZ I have been making more and more dirt worthy. I do need a bike that can do 60MPH on the back roads with out blowing up after 20 minutes.

From what I can tell there is very little weight difference between the 250 and the 450 so I wonder if the 450 would be a better choice? But is sounds like a 250 would perform much better in the tight stuff.



Get the 450, the 250 will leave you wishing you had a little more power. After coming off a DRZ, the 450 will feel like a bicycle. Dont kid yourself, you want the power of a 450. :)

Don't forget to seek the opinion of the 250 side of the forum. I've never seen such a question answer by :" choose the 250" in here.

My opinion is that you will suffer a lot on a fire road if you ever ride with somebody riding a XR650R. I think the 450 is a good choice for you. Not bad at all in tight stuff with proper gearing...

I rode my 450 and my friends 250 this weekend. The 250 was easier to ride. I think it was easier because I am new to the 450 and it is a handfull. I could twist the throtle on the 250 with confidence where I had to be much more timid with the 450 as it likes to reach for the sky. The best thing about the 450 is if you are slow like me the engine will get you out of trouble more easily due to not having to keep the engine reved up. Right now I iked his 250 more than my 450, but hopefully once I become used to the 450 power I will change my mind.

I have had bolth get the 450 or 426. You will have more fun. Remember the 250f competes in the 125 class, lots of shifting everywhere and you have to scream the bike to get it to perform.

Try like heck to get to ride both. The 450 is a lot of fun, but that tall first gear does not fit my ridiing style. Stock the 450 will get REAL close to 80mph. The 250 has a 5 speed, which makest he gearbox a lot more friendly for me. It does run out of top speed though. At your weight I do think the 250 would be alot of fun. I would guess, other than wide open rodes, you will be faster on the 250. Me, now I am sticking with my 5-speed WR.

What are you talking about? 5 speed, the WR 450 has a 5 speed. It's the YZ that has the 4 speed

The Wr 450 has a five speed tranny, tops out over 80 mph, and lofts the front wheel over what ever you want, when ever you want. The four fifty has no advantage in the super tight trails or if you have to pick it up to load it in your truck. I think in all other situations the 450 is king.

The WR 450 just took top honors in the 6 day ISDT. I have had both,both are great bikes,just my opinion.

OOPS - sorry! :) I wrote off the '03 WR with the 'key' problems, so I only think in terms of YZ450s. If you are not a 'high' level rider, I think you will be faster and enjoy the 250 more. YZ or WR.

My WR is YZ'd, so to speak.

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