WR450-new radiator installed & now bike won't run properly

looking for help! After installing 2 new radiators & filling them with engine ice coolant, I find that the bike now won't run properly. It keeps cutting out or I hear that pffft sound out the back of the exhaust. I believe there may be some kind of air lock in there. My mechanic says to run the bike & then lean it over at 30 deg & open the radiator cap, which should release the air. I tried that, but not only did it squirt hot coolant, but it's hasn't solved the problem. Any ideas??

Sounds a bit odd that a cooling issue would do this? Does it run rough right from cold or only when hot? Sounds more like you knocked an electrical connection or something upon installing the radiators.

I agree with Dougie. I think you have some sort of poor electrical connection going on, after working on the radiators.


Check the large ground wire on the right side above the exhaust header below the valve cover on the head.

Absolutely is not a coolant filling issue.

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