DRZ 400sHorsepower vs YZF426?

Whats the HP of the 426 vs the 400drz

I own a DRZ400s and love it especialy the

magic button ,but today i had a chance to

try a 426 and well except for figuring out

how to start it,i think i have found a new love.It would be the ultimate dual if it

had a dual kit on it.

How much HP??? Just enough! I own both bikes and they are what they are; any comparison is not doing either bike justice.

The DRZ is a mild mannnered DS (with BAD stock forks) as is tuned to put out smoooooth power and run forever with only oil changes (2k miles this summer and I haven't even looked at the sparkplug).

On the other hand, the 426 is a rip-snortin race bike with power and suspension to spare. But... it's LOUD, it's finicky, and it needs beaucoup maintinance (don't EVEN ask me how many times I've had to remove the tank/seat/carb combo in the last month).

Comparing these two bikes is ridiculous; they are on opposite ends of the dirt bike spectrum. Buy them both!!

A stock DRZ 400 has about 39 HP

A stock YZ 426 has about 49 HP

Plus the YZ is about 28 lbs. lighter

acceleration = Force divided by mass grin.gif

john, your a physicist! i'll keep that in mind when i have a question in your area. Thanks

I'll help in any way that I can.


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