WR 450 is World Class

The International Six Days Enduro has been completed in Brazil with Finland taking the overall trophy over second place Italy and third place France. Amazingly, World motocross champion Stefan Everts competed in the ISDE as his first enduro ever, and won the overall individual crown ahead of Stefan Merriman of Australia. Everts was aboard a 450cc four-stroke Yamaha, while Merriman was aboard a 250cc two-stroke Honda.

Per Cycle News - My pal Adam would be just glowing with pride :)

Go Blue! :D:):D

Yeah Baby! :)

I got goose bumps reading that.... Yes,Yes,Yes!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D:):D

Of course the WR is world class... It's been world class since 1998!! :):D

You sure it was a WR and not a YZ??

Cycle news said, WR 450.

Sorry Mike... :D



Yea, i need a couple more gears!! :)

WR = Worldclass Racemachine! true blue. :)

Yes, Adam would be very proud. :)

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