epic suspension on these things!

Being a rookie, I just suprised myself with how good the suspension on these things soaks up big landings this weekend and I thought that I would share. At the local track there is a table top which last week (it was sandy/dry) I was having to gas it pretty good in 3rd to clear. This week they did some maintenance and redid the face for this jump and watered the track. Being a rookie I underestimated how much better my drive was out of the corner and overcleared it by good 15+ feet. After the takeoff my first thought was wow, I sure missed the landing. My next thought was wow, I can see right over the stands. Then I realized I was still in the air and this was probably going to really smart in a few moments. Well I landed flat and racked myself pretty good, but other than that no pain at all! Wow was I surprised! It probably didn't look bad at all to you fast guys who were watching, but to a MX beginner it sure felt like I had enough time in the air to balance my check book.

Sorry for the babbling, just killing time before work tomorrow and if I can't ride then there's nothing better than talking about it. grin.gif

Hey! I just had a similar "situation" at home. I work for the fire department and have talked a few of the guys into getting bikes and I finally got them to come out to my house. I have a small track with a 50' table top and 30' set of doubles. Anyway when we started riding I was like a third grader and over jumped the 50' and flew 60' into the flat. The bike soaked it up no problem. I'm sure you flew father but I think I similar thoughts.

Later - The Fireman

Yeah the YZF's stock suspension is very good, one of the best suspension combo on a stock bike. I am 165lbs and I am at stock settings (with ATF in the forks and rear sag at 100mm) I have overcleared 110ft tabletops and 100ft triples by nearly 10ft (I also have cased it a few times and it wasnt fun) and the susp. soaked it up very nicely...I still get the "oh crap" feeling when I am about to land but it surprisingly isnt bad! I am enjoying my bike and am very glad I purchased it! Now I just gotta get my clutch pull lighter! Later,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

If you haven't tried it yet, try TriFlow for the clutch cable. I was amaized at the difference that it made compared to the cable lube that I used previously.

Hey there guys,I dont know what yr of yzf's you have, me I ride a 98 model. Im like you, the stock suspension works really well. Im a beginner mx rider also and I have cased a few and over-jumped a few and the bike has never failed to soak it up! And as far as the clutch feel. mine is real stiff also so I bought a motion-pro cable (havent installed it yet) what else do i need to do to make this easier to pull?

Call Honda of Tulsa in Tulsa, Ok. They sell a clutch lever called a RTC. It takes a Honda clutch perch. I will make your clutch pull really easy.

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