places to ride in northern CALI

I'm moving to norhtern California in December and I was wondering some good places to ride. I'm in the Air Force and getting stationed At Beale AFB near Marysville. I have ridden the track there and in Sacramento but don't know of any places to just go out and trial ride. If anyof you want to show me around or give directions it would be GREAT !!



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The Hangtown track and Praire(sp?) City off road park are not far from there. About 15-20 east of Sacto off of I-80. Lots of off-road stuff there and up in the hills by Placerville too.



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I live 20 minutes from Beale AFB so I'll give you the quick low down on the local riding. The closest track is Riverfront Park in Marysville it's a good track even though Charlie goes a little crazy with the H2O from time to time. Mammoth Bar ORV park is in Auburn, about 40 minutes away, they have a track and about 1200 acres of riding trails. Then there is Hangtown/Prairie City ORV park about 1 hour 15 minutes away. Argylle Park is about the same distance away in Dixon but is a crappy track. If you like trails, try Foresthill OHV park about 2 hours away, all they have are trails but there are alot of them and they are a blast when it isn't dusty. Stonyford is, in my opinion, the best trail riding around here and is about 1 1/2 hours west. Alot of riding areas around here, there are more closer to the Bay area but my fingers are getting tired. You have to get a red/green sticker for your bike when you get here before you can ride on the public ORV places. Try to get a green sticker if they offer you a choice. December is an awesome time to come here to ride, it's not dusty and 100* outside.


Irish1 Another good place is Georgetown between Auburn and Placerville, also Downieville but watch out for the MT Bikers.

To get more info go to and go to riding areas, also and go to riding areas. You might also want to post on the WR side as their are few guys who know the areas and trails real good. Hope to see you out their sometime.

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