Advice on seat/tank please...

OK, this weekend a great guy on my 24 hr team let me throw the seat and tank off his YZ onto my WR. I knew when I did it, it would probably cost me money, and I think I was right. I loved it, felt like I had twice the front tire!

Anyway, now I want that feeling all the time. What route should I go? Look for stock yz seat/tank, or will I regret the smaller capacity (I trailride or do offroad stuff, no mx)? Aftermarket? Who makes the best setup in this department? Any gripes or regrets?

Thanks in advance.

If you ride a WR, and haven't felt the difference the slim tank and flat seat can make, let me tell you, it is real. Makes it a whole different bike.

That is why we have such a small tank on the WR450's more like a YZ riding position. Maybe Yamaha was right in not putting a 3.2 gallon tank on this model. :)

Really like my Clarke tank and SDG seat the tall firm seat direct from SDG since Clarke didn't stock them....little extra ass padding but won't break down the foam as fast(standing most of the time anyways). :)

I am interested in doing the YZ seat and tank conversion also. Got a birthday coming up so that would be a nice present. Will any aftermarket seat that fits a YZ426F fit my WR426F? And who makes good seats and a tanks or a combo?

Also, do you have to replace the radiator shrouds with this mod, or can you keep the same ones?

Will any aftermarket seat that fits a YZ426F fit my WR426F?

Yes. I have the Clarke and am very happy with it. Think there is one for sale in the parts section.

I have the Clarke 3.3 and One Industries Gripper seat. It made a huge difference compared to stock. The YZ seat is 3-4 inches longer than the WR seat which means you are much farther forward.

I just ordered my clarke seat and tank sounds like everyone likes it. Does anyone know why it is $100 less then IMS or Acerbis? Is it a great deal or do you get what you payfor?

Which bike did you order it for? Let us know how it goes when she comes in!

Another question, do the stock WR shrouds fit, or do I have to buy new ones?

I also have the Clarke 3.3, with a SDG gripper seat, both in the YZ configuration. (You have ridden it before!)

Great set-up, cheap, and your WR shrouds will fit right on.

Pull the trigger!

Brandon, I'll pull the trigger if you'll write the check!

I haven't even gone to the garage to look at my bike since getting home Sunday. When I do, I have to fix a flat front tire (went flat in the trailer on the way home, after working perfect for 82 miles on the track!) And figure out how to put the guts back in my pipe (blew up after 78 miles on the track).

Believe me though, the Clarke and seat are on my Xmas list!

I ordered the set up for a 2000 wr400. Almost bought a new one a few weeks ago but mine has a plate and you know how hard that is to get in WA. I was told my stock shrouds should fit. If they don't the yzf will. I will make a post here whwn I getit all put back togther next week. How was the race? I spoke with a guy at my church who was one of themarshalls he said it was great. That was the on the over the bars gang put on in goldbar?

Your shrouds will fit. The WR and YZ use the same ones. Baja Designs sells an IMS 3.4gal. tank for $199.00 (WR or YZ)They even have black if that matters. The YZ tank along with a SDG high seat would work perfect. Make sure you get a WR petcock because the YZ does not have reserve. My bike with the stock YZ tank gets 33 miles to a tank full which is only 1.9gal. My bike is also jetted, piped, filtered, and geared. So milage will vary.

Jobstress, for reports, pics and videos from the race, see the NW forum.

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