WR450 Lighting Power.. 100+watts?

Just called Baja Designs. They say that the stock system is rated at over 100 watts. They got vague when asked what the power output of each of the 2 stator coils was. I think that the charging stator produces just barely enough to charge the bike, but I do not know what the lighting stator and regulator is rated at. The stock headlight it 55watts, so I wonder how much more power it can produce. Anyone figure it out yet? :) Dale of TDS is going to help me with this, but he is too busy making kits for other bikes right now.


100 watts sounds about right, as you have 55W headlight, ~10W tail light, ignition and the rest for charging the bat after starting(while runnning all the above). If you are drawing close to the max(100W) out of the charging system, the voltage is going to drop and you might not get a full charge on the bat. As your voltage drops the current increases and that can be another neg. I'd say the system could probably handle some low wattage indicator lights or something like that, but don't think you will have the full 100W to use just for lighting, unless you are not interested in the e-start.

If its rated at 100W take 70% to be safe, 80% is pushing it.

I don't know about you US neighbors but my bike came with the manual and the specs read 120 watts. Looking at the pictures it has 6 coils = 20 watts each. :)

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