Had a ride on a CRF450 on Saturday.

And I have to admit it was a better looking bike than my 426. A buddy had promised me that when he got it I could ride it. I could hardly wait for him to start it. Well he let me start it & it was 1st kick, easy. Lots of blue smoke at first. ? I was at a track so I took it out CAREFULLY. After a slow lap I decided there is 2 ways to do this, slow or fast enough that I was clearing all of the jumps so I sped up. I was instantly at home on the jumps, the balance was just like my 426. The handling was Quick but the front did not feel as planted as my 426. Probably a combination of light weight & new suspension. Being a new bike (he had just got it that morning) I didn't want to rev. too high. Bottom was weak compared to the 426. Midrange is where it came alive, sending the front wheel up, lots of power there. I killed it twice, hot start was impossible but it bump started EASY in 2nd! Rode for 30min did not get tired! Feels VERY light compared to 426. From what I can tell that's its strong point & its weak point is bottom power and hot start. And yes, I'm keeping my 426, but it was a VERY nice bike. I want the CRF250 for my Wife (and me). One more year to wait.

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I was at the track on Fri. and heard the 450s had arrived at the local Yamaha/Honda dealer, so my buddy and I stopped by on the way home. We called the dealer on the way and confirmed that the Crfs were there and I decided WHAT THE F*** Im getting one today, I just paid my 426 off and so I'll lose a few bucks selling it but you only live once! When we walked in, the salesman immediatly started comparing the CRF to the the 426. He proceded to talk me out of it. I couldnt believe it! He said he rode one all morning and it doesnt hit like the 426. He did admitt that it feels lighter than the 426 but he was not really impressed with it. I couldnt believe my ears...I was ready to buy (6,700.00 otd) and this guy was begging me to keep my 426 and wait and try a CRFout at the track and decide on it then. I wasnt even going to trade my 426. I was ready to buy the CRF cash! (Check) I figured Id share my experience here.

An honest salesman? Go figure!


Why was the salesman so pro 426??? I am looking at buying either an 01 426 or a new 450 (both new). I have an 01 cr250 and just want a different bike. Have you ridden a 450 yet. Would love to get some feedback from you.


Originally posted by merlin07:


Why was the salesman so pro 426??? I am looking at buying either an 01 426 or a new 450 (both new). I have an 01 cr250 and just want a different bike. Have you ridden a 450 yet. Would love to get some feedback from you.


My buddy just bought a new 450. I did not ride it but when he started it up it poured smoke out the exhaust. I also noticed a very weird noise coming from the motor. Just thought I would let you know.

I was reading through DRN and the TT CR450 board and it seems like they all are smoking, hopefully for the owners sake that's just a break in deal!! Or maybe they went out of their way to make it seem like a 2 stroke!!!



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

I still dont get it...as far as I know that dealer still has the original 2 450s in stock. A friend of a friend went there on Monday and they gave him the same type of story..putting down the 450 and talking up the 426..He was ready to buy the frigging thing!!! now hes not sure and wants to try one out and decide between a 426 and 450 and they dont even have 426s in stock...What sucks for me is that his was the 450 that I was planning on trying out...I have been checking the 450 forum at this site and the new owners seem to be happy with their 450s. As an 01' 426 owner, it really doesnt matter to me which bike is better overall..(i didnt design or build them!), but I would be pissed if I got rid of my 426 and found the 450 to be equal or less. If I try one and its awesome..I'll buy it...I dont get caught up in the Ford or chevy...Yamaha or honda type of debate...I wouldnt care if it was a Garelli or Puch, as long as it rips! May the best bike be mine!

After riding both 450 & 426 I don't think one is really better than the other. The 450's light weight may not tire you out but it makes that strong motor more of a handfull when trying to go fast.

I own both bikes and wonder if you guy's ever thought that the salesperson was trying to sell you a 426 is because he knew that you were Hot to buy something so he wanted to sell the 426 because the 450 will easly sell and the 426 isnt the Hottest thing? My 450 dosent have the bottom of a 426 but revs quicker and has a great mid. and top .


I wuz thinkin' the same thing about the sales schmuck. Unfortunately you can't really trust sales folkes. It is the nature of their job. Even if you do, by chance, run accross an "honest" one you can't let your guard down. The nature of the experience is adversarial (sp?)




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my 450 smoked yesterday the 3-4 times i started it ... today hardly a puff... i think its just seatin the rings & stuff ..

I saw 2 of them at the track on Thursday. They are very nice looking and sounding bikes. One guy though was ready to shoot his. I saw him stall it atleast 4 times and one time it took him about 10 minutes to get it started. The other guy seemed to have no problems with his. I was glad to see them, it'll make Yamaha step up to the plate with an even better bike. I love my 99 YZ400 and the thought has crossed my mind to get a new thumper, but then again I have my bike setup prefectly for me, it has never crapped out on me, and the extra 10-12 lbs I can live with.


PK , I thought the same thing you do till I rode the 450 . I havent touched my 426 since except to drag race the 450 and take the bars off . The 450 is a sweet bike revs quicker starts easier and lighter .

Originally posted by Smokin Okie:

PK , I thought the same thing you do till I rode the 450 . I havent touched my 426 since except to drag race the 450 and take the bars off . The 450 is a sweet bike revs quicker starts easier and lighter .

Yeah I am sure it is sweet, but like Jimmy Lewis said (paraphrased) "Highest horsepower means nothing. DELIVERY of the power is what matters." And for some riders, the Honda may be best, for others, maybe not. To put it nice and simple, the 426 is STILL a hella fast bike, and the RIDER will STILL make the difference. Yeah, next year if Yamaha does not significantly change the 426 mostly in regards to weight, I'll buy a Honda...but my '00 426 will do fine till then....considering the price difference I paid would have been another $2500 or more to get the 450....(I bought my 426 used, getting back into MX after a 4 year layoff).

Clod, Wow!! Your impression of the new CRF was the same as mine. I feel that my forks on my 01 WR426 are more of a planted feel, meaning I dont feel the little bumps as much as the CRF. The bike doesnt have the bottom that my 426 has. But the mid to top is much bigger though. It's not as slim as I had hoped for, I mean I was really expecting this thing to be really thin, but I think that the KTM's are smaller feeling. The brakes are awsome and the hot start lever is cute being apart of the clutch perch. Overall the bike is great. For me I was happy to get back on my bike. I understand that my WR has retarded cam timing but I've ridden plenty of YZ's and the CRF inst THAT much faster....

hello... what are you all raving about....

i am guessing that we are all intermediate class riders... and at this stage in the game, it's 90% rider anyways (only 10%bike)... you all would probably be doing just as well or maybe even better on a t-to-two stro....

i can't even say it! lol.

anyways, how about trusting your yamathumper and waiting for a bit to see the reliability of the new honda before rushing out to buy one and become a guinea pig.!

look at all the cannondale problems...


why sell your blue thunder to just have to spend all that time recustomizing a new ride when yours is set up to preference already...

just my $.02... :)

I followed a friend of mine through the woods yesterday (he has a new 450, I was on my WR426). Tell you truth, it wasn't that much faster. I was suprised, only because of all the smack I've been hearing. It does seem to have better throttle response in the mid, but off idle and high revs (long whoop roads), they were pretty much equal. I no longer regret buying my bike :)

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