Engine removal tips and tricks

I have a 2005 wr450 that i subbed in sandy water.

After weeks of hours and hours of flushing and cleaning, there is still sand in the oil pan, frame and other places.

So I plan to remove the engine and break her down, hopefully just a top end rebuild.

I'm barely even a rookie mechanic, but i am somewhat decent at these things...i need some help though.

any tips, tricks, pitfalls, shortcuts or comments on engine removal or any other parts of the process?

I make sure the work area is clear of old nuts and bolts and spacers because I've mixed new with old and that leads to a cluster when putting things back together. And I make sure my torque wrench is in the garage and not borrowed/stolen/lost to a friend.

Loosen the countershaft sprocket nut before you remove the chain, rear wheel, engine from frame, etc., etc.

Unless you have a good way to hold the engine while it's on the bench, loosen the head bolts while the engine is still in the frame.

When you remove the swingarm pivot bolt, replace it with a long 3/8" extension to keep the swingarm from flopping around. Put the pivot bolt back in after you get the engine out so you can more easily move the bike around.

Remove the oil lines before you pull the engine to prevent damaging them.

Plug all open holes into the engine with paper towels to keep debris out.

Replace your timing chain while you're in there.

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^good thinking, man I'm such a noob to working on dirty bikes, why to road race bikes seem so much easier....lol

anything else i should look to upgrade while in the engine?

it's got over 200 hours on it and was running like a raped ape before i subbed it, valves were checked and were perfect.

any little tips to make it bomb-proof for a while?

any experience with increasing oil capacity?

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