lazy man's fork oil change

I need to change my fork oil, but I don't want to take them apart. The manual looks complex. If I'm not going to change my springs or seals etc. is there some brainless way for me to drain and refill (and also measure the height) my forks? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you follow the directions in the manual, the change is not that hard. It would obviously take longer but at least you know you did it right!!


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1) Break the top caps loose using appropriate Box wench, cresent wrench, or imact hammer (lightly!)

2)Remove legs

3)Un-do top caps completely

4)REMOVE top caps. (requires two people and a few wenches usually. the top cap and a nut are jammed together unside of the spring.)

5) Pull out spring, and rod if necessary. Watch for small parts under the rod. Keeping in rod is nice, but can make draining tough.

6) Drain oil. Turn forks upside down, and work up and down ALOT. Move inner mechanism, and outer tube. (ALOT)

7) If time and cleanliness allow, turn upside down and let drain overnight.

8) Put all rods and other things back in (assuming you took them out)

9) Fill the fork FULL WITH OIL, very tip top!

10) Work inner mechanism (watch oil will spurt if main hole not covered!! Rod makes this difficult) Work outter tube up and down (ALOT!!!!!!!!)

11) Re-fill with oil to the VERY TIP TOP. Allow to sit for an hour or so if cleanliness allows.

12) Take a Windex Bottle, remove the sprayer. USe math and common sense to figure out how many mm's of oil you want removed. (if you want set at 150mm, put a piece of black tape at the 150mm mark from bottom of Sprayer tube)

13) Stick the sprayer in the fork, and spray till your hand falls off. (also good hand workout, help prevent hand pump smile.gif ) Keep the black tape's bottom edge at the tip top of the fork outter tube.

14) WHen oil stops spraying out, you're set, relatively close!

15) Re-assemble forks, and YOURE DONE!!!

Average working time.....1.5 hours for me. Total time, without setting overnight to drain, usually about 3-4 hours.


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Chris, at that point you're only one fastener away from doing it right. Remove the compression adjuster and the cartridge comes right out. Then you can rinse everything out with aerosol brake cleaner.


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