Swapping cases on '03 to '06?

Before I start, I tried searching the forum already and couldn't find anything real pertinent to what I'm asking here.

So, on my 2003, the back side of the kickstart gear housing on the right case blew out. Like big frickin hole in the crank-case, oil spewing everywhere, I can see things I'm not supposed to see .... HOLE!!! Now its been a few months of saving, and a need to get it ready for LA-B2V. Yesterday I purchased a matching case set from a 2006 on ebay.

My question is... Is changing out the 03 cases for the 06 cases a "Clean Swap"??? The only difference I found was the Electric Start gears and cover. And even with the E start changes, I was thinking it needs to happen anyways so I can have the improved starter gears. That would mean a new E start cover right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I overlooked something already posted here just point me in the right direction.

Fich.e on Motosport shows the same P/N for both the 2003 and 2006 WR450F Crankcase Assembly (5TJ-15100-10-YX).

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straight swap, have fun.

Thanks for the replies. That"s the same info I found. Just wanted a confirmation from more knowledgeable people than I

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