Oil over flow. Why?

Yesterday, a day after having my valves cheeked out by my dealer. I let my wr450 warm-up for about 5-min (it was a really cold day). I shut it down to check the oil and as soon as I took out the dip-stick the oil gushed out for about 1 min or so. I called the guy who checked my bike over, and he told me I need to follow the manual for the proper way to check the oil level Great help, as expected! Anyone have this happen to them :):D By the way I have cheeked the oil level plenty of times to know this aint normal.

That is kind of strange. Have you ever checked the oil on that cold of a day before? The vast difference in air temperature vs. engine temperature could have played a role in that. I know my manual says to just warm the bike up when checking the oil, not to get the bike fully up to temperature. :)

MMM I Have checked it cold (must of the time it has all drained back.)and hot after just starting and after riding for awhile. Maybe it was just a fluke.

Sounds like the crankase vent may be plugged and pressurizing the oil system. The vent lines have a tendency to get plugged with mud/pinched down at the bottom against the frame.That or the oil level may be ridiculously high ? :)


According to the manual, this can happen after high-speed operation, but that certainly doesn't sound like your case. I've checked my oil numerous times and have never had that happen.

I suppose you could try draining the oil and measuring what comes out to see if it was over filled. Did you have the dealer change the oil while they had it? They should not have needed to drain and refill the oil to do the valves.

Weird.... :)

I have never ran in to this either but I would check 2 things. Oil level by changing it out and check that the filter screen at the front of the frame is not partially blocked. :)

I asked the Mech if he changed or added oil, and he said he did not. As for the screen in the frame I cheeked it out it was clear. Changed oil scence then no problem maybe just a fluke :)

Mine did that when if first brought it home from dealership.The mechanic added oil to my bike, but it already comes filled from the factory.Double oil in a bike makes a mess! :)

Did the oil smell of gas???could have previously been flooded. It happened to me when I had a hard time starting my bike.

No Ice Man it looked and smelled like just plane old oil. Since then I have changed the oil twice and it has never happend again. I really do think that one of the Mech at the dealership (who at the time was ajusting my valves) with good intentions added more oil after checking it after or before a short warm-up. Thanks for your concerns :)

I had the same thing happen to me. I found that you don't want to over fill it even a small amount. When this happen it gave me a real scare but after reducing oil level no problems since.

I do believe your right on track Hookmeup :)

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