Acerbis 3.3 Gallon petcock clearance

I have a 2005 and installed the 3.3gal acerbis tank.

It came with the knob style petcock but the outlet postitioned the fuel line either directly in to the head or out away from the bike which led to a big loop.

also the header is pretty close to the tank and the fuel line was really getting heated up and discolored, even melting a bit.

i ordered a new right side petcock with reserve and now the direction is correct but the petcock seems to be 1/2" longer and puts the fuel line extremely close to the head pipe...

the fuel line is seriously baking, i need another option, anyone have experience or ideas?

i'll post a picture of the new petcock later today when i get home

here's the old set-up


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I just installed the same tank on my 03 and yea its somewhat close to the header but I never shut the petcock off so not a huge deal.

I used the screw type provided turned towards the head and routed the fuel line so that I could ziptie it to the bracket that the starter wires are tied to, this seems to be working fine so far. I did change the thin plastic line out for some automotive style rubber line to add a bit of extra security also.

I had to do a lot of fussing around to get the y fitting and hoses to look the way I wanted but well worth it as its an awesome tank.

I can take a pic of mine if you need.

Good luck..

pics would be great, thanks

Sorry for the mud, no time to wash bike from the weekend. Very similar to other pics but I put the Y behind the carb due to the non adjustable fuel inlet.



one quick question, since i now mounted up the other petcock, which has a larger diameter fuel filter that goes in to the tank, the hole in the tank will be too big, any ideas how to close up that gap?

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Can you just use it but route the hose similar to ours? I think Acerbis only used the screw one to gain a touch of clearance. You might have to trim the plastic handle down a bit if it sits too close to the header. Otherwise your at the mercey of the o-ring isle at lowes

actually the neck of the petcock before the actual valve is longer

the o-ring sounds like a possibility, I'll have to take a good look at it

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