Tire size input

So I did some research and decided to give the Bridgestone M404 tires a try. I have been running 120/90 tires and when I placed my order from my phone I was in a hurry and accidentally ordered 100/90. I did not realize my mistake until they got to my house yesterday. My biggest problem is that I have a race this weekend and the weekend after so I need some fresh tires. So i was wondering if I should just go to a local place and buy the larger size or if the narrower tire will not make that big of a difference. I will say that I have ran 110/90 and I liked them but I have never had a 100/90. I tried searching but only found information on the differences of the 120 compared to 110s. Any help advice would help before I install these tires as we all know they are not cheap and I dont want to put them on and realize that they are to small and suck.

If it was me I would not go spend another $100 on a tire that is 10mm bigger. Run it for that race, and if you see a difference then change it. If you wait until black friday you can get tires from bike bandit and rocky mountain for about $52 and that is an S-12.

I'm a 110/90 guy all the way.

I run the 100/90 on my 125. That should give you an idea of what that size is actually for. I usually run a 110/90 on my 450. I tried a 110/80 once by accident and thought that was too small.

You need to bite the bullet and buy a bigger tire.


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