Wanted: Left Foot Peg....

Hey guys. I'm looking for a left stock foot peg for an 01 yz250f. If you have one for an 01 426, 250, or 125.....they are all the same. Let me know. Thanks. daveygwhiz@aol.com

You too huh? I bent mine on my WR426 while backing down (err, sliding out of control) down a small hill, left side. Soft metal...bent like butta.

Yup....it bent and broke in one place. Oh well, if someone has one they'd like to sell, let me know. Otherwise, I'll have to buy new.

Contact BBR motorsports, they have a "garage sale" area and part out the bikes they use the engines from...just might be the ticket!!


I took your advice and called BBR. They hooked me up with a pair of stock pegs and I might add, for a nice cheap price. Thanks for the request. smile.gif

Moto, Good score, what did you give for them? Thought I'd ask before I burn a call. Mine isn't broken...yet. Just bent, but if the price is right it would be nice to have some extras.

Glad to hook a brother up..Scott..get on the horn, they respond quickly to emails also. I also bought one their rear brake pedals but found a used one cheaper..nice folks to deal with though.

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