2009 WR450 Shorts when start button pressed. Relay clicks, started does not engage. The display computer resets.

I have had my bike sitting on a battery tender for a couple months. I went to e-start the bike it turned and turned no start. I did this for about 5 seconds. I gave in a quick 1/4 turn on the throttle, then pressed the start button. I heard a pop, the kind you hear when you short something. The started did not engage and the display computer reset (clock and everything went to default settings). Has anyone seen this before, it seems like something in the start circuit path has found it's way to ground.

Sounds like your battery is dead. I would replace the battery before you get too excited about anything else.

Classic symptom of battery not giving enough power to turn over the engine

Yeah, that's typical if the battery cannot supply the necessary current, as the starter relay engages the voltage drop so much that the relay disengage and so on... a fast clicking sound is typical during this.

Try charging the battery with a real charger (not only a tender) but if the batt is already some time old it could be time for a new one...

Also check that your battery terminals are tight.

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