Help validating test for pick-up coil


Would anyone thats had to diagnose a not spark issue find its the pick-up coil?

There supposed to have a resistance of about 250 ohms based on my manual.

I went out one day and it just didn't have spark anymore so I went thru the list and and found that the red and white leads going to the pick up coil didn't have any readings on any of my ohm settings.

So I ordered one from Electrex (which arrived pretty quick comming from the UK). I 1st tested it to see what a good one is supposed to read and I got nothing again. I even went and bought another tester to validate.

I emailed electrex on HOW do I test thier pick up coils and the reply I received was "... we test all of our units before we ship them...".

I went ahead and put on the new one even though I'm not sure its working either.

Can anyone validate your getting some readings with those red and white wires, they go directly to the pick up coil and I've tested at both ends of the wires and get the same. Could I have another bad one????

Thanks ahead of time for any insight.


not tested mine, but a coil that shows no reading (ie open circuit) is dead

according to the WSM it should be 248 372 ohms


Put your meter on to volts and turn the engine over, with it connected to the pick up coil

You should get a voltage spike off the pick coil every time the rotor goes round, as this is the 'signal' for the CDI to fire the plug

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Thanks, thats exactly what I thought too, open circuit = no good.

I guess I'm easily confused as I was battling the glarring fact the 'new' part did not test and

Ussually when you replace a new part your mind excludes it as a problem and focus on other aspects of diagnosis.

I guess I'll have to see how customer service oriented Electrex is now that they have sent me a bad part.

I'll report my experience here so others know what kind of company they are to work with.

Electrex responded that they would send me another part. Hasen't arrived yet but at least their service seems above par.

Do you have the meter in the right ohm range. Click it to a range higher than you are testing for. Exp. Use the 2k ohm position or 5k. You my be in the 200ohm position and getting a out of range reading that you are mistaking for infinity ohms (open circut). Stan

Good thought (user error always worth testing out twice), but I checked every setting I could to get a reading.

Based on thier techs suggestion that I use another tester, I went and bought another along with a 100ohm resistor from radio shack to test and make sure it could read down that low and it worked perfect.

So far no replacement part has arrived from electrex, emailed them again to find out how they shipped it and no response. I'm finding it takes at least two emails to get a response from them.

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Well, good luck getting any kind of response from them! They are notoriously bad at customer service. Or at least in my case, and a few others on this site.

Omg. The part was broken in shipment. If it can't make it through the mail, what chance does it have on the trail?

Part finally arrived today, communication was a bit sketchy but at least they sent it.

The part tests within range so the original part they sent was definetly as useless as the original broken one.

Dealing with electrex is an exercise of patients.

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