Eleven10 Mods on YZ450 for 2013. Maybe.

Apologies if this has been posted, but according to Racer X it seems the successful shop and its racers may be on Big Blue next year. Interesting!

Interesting indeed, but I don't see anything about them riding 450s?

What riders does the team inculde 2013 ?

I think Yamaha is going to give them factory support, probably bikes and parts, to run there 250f team. They need the support as they didn't have the budget to have spare motors etc for their team this past year which ruined a few rides for their riders this season. With Yamahas support they should be a strong team. The only rider on the team that I'm sure of is Alex Martin who is Star Racing's Jeremy Martins brother.

Should drop their DNF's significantly! Good move I say!

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