Clarke 4.0 Installation for XR650L

Anyone out there have the 4.0 for their L? Just received mine in the mail and it did not come with the 12" roll of padding for "more lateral stability." What is this stuff, can I use neoprene or some other type of piping insulation instead on the top frame rail? :)

I've contacted the shop where I purchased it and asked them to send it to me since the directions say it's needed for proper installation.

Let me know if you guys have anything to share regarding this aftermarket tank & the installation details.

Thanks in advance.

Would roll bar paddig work?


That's the kind of thinking I'm looking for. :) I know pipe insulation has foam that's used in above average temperature conditions. Maybe even foam from a handlebar crossbar pad, too. Gotta keep exploring.


If you need some roll bar padding call Bob at RACE READY PRODUCTS (619-691-9171)and tell them Doug sent you

It's a done deal. The tank is on and I'm ready to ride. I used "trimmed down" hot water piping insulation on the top frame rail in place of the "missing" padding.

Everything fit pretty well overall. The tank will contact the right side CDI heat sink on the top tube, and the fuel petcock can touch the cylinder head if either side gets pushed on hard enough. I'm going to try the suggestion about

bracing the lower front tank ends with some type of strap or strut to increase the lateral stability. That is the only issue, other than the getting the incorrect install kit (got the XR600R, or non 'L' type).

The fit and finish is about as good as you can get for a plastic aftermarket tank. Just make sure that you inspect the interior and flush out the tank with a small amount of gas before you install it permanently. Lots of plastic

shavings and "junk" in there from the manufacturing process.

The Clarke is well-made and the larger tank design looks really clean, especially with the One Industries "Honda wing" logos I put on it. I'm glad to be rid of my stock '98 neon/disco tank graphics. It feels just like the stock tank as far as riding goes. If you're in the market for a larger tank, and most of us are, the Clarke 4.0 is a good choice for the XRL. :)

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