2012 WR450 stall occasionally

My 2012 WR450 stalls occasionally at slow speeds when I let off the throttle and gas it again real quick and was wondering if it has anything to do with having a Rekluse Z Start Pro clutch? I never road it with the stock clutch. Is anyone else having this problem? I do have the GYTR ECM and have tried many different maps but nothing helps. The exhaust and air cleaner are both uncorked and I have stock gearing.

I never had this happen before I installed my Rekluse Core EXP, and I haven't had it happen since the new clutch install.... Hope you get it figured out.

I had a little of the same problem, and I changed the air filter.

My bike has the pea shooter, the snorkel and the throttle stop removed and no change to the ecu.

I did not over oil the filter. Give it a try, it seemed to slove my problem.

In any event, good luck

Mine chugs like a freight train at low rpm once I get it started. No Rekluse though.Im thinking you gotta let that sucka breath

The exhaust and air cleaner are both uncorked.

The exhaust and air cleaner are both uncorked.

Turn your idle/richner up.

I tried turning the idle up but it did not help.

What clutch engagement settings are you using? Gearing? Perhaps it just needs some more break-in time.

The Z-Start Pro clutch engagement is medium/hard and I have stock gearing 13/50. I now have 800 miles on it so it should be broke in.

That's a classic accelerator squirt issue on the older carb equipped bikes, but I can't help with the newer EFI ones. Good luck, and let us know what you find out.

try putting the pea shooter back on , when i took mine out the bike would cut out at low rpm.. worth a try....

set your rpm to 2k, set Z start to stock settings. Mine dies every once in a while if I don't have the RPMs up around 1900-2000.

I tried it with the idle set a 2000 rpm and I have the recommended setting on the clutch and it will still die at low rpms.

I thing it may be due to the throttle blade being on a 22 degree angle in the closed position or at idle.

A small input from twisting the throttle lets a large amount of air in and if you need to leave off quickly for some reason you have too much air in the cylinder and not enough fuel so the motor died. Just like when the accelerator pump is not working correctly.

I talked to a friend who has a 2010 YZ450 who had the same problem till he had hie throttle body reworked by Injectioneering. That may be my fix also.

Well I though that my idle was at 2000 but after hooking up my GYTR tuner it was only about 1675. So after setting it to 2000 my flame outs have stopped and it runs great now!!


Good to hear you got it figured out. Nothing's worse than having a great bike that doesn't quite run correctly!

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